1st Step


Step 1: Tell us your situation

You have a child with a mental or physical impairment? Fill out our online create-project form and submit it to us. We will review your application and check that all criteria was met.

2nd Step


Step 2: Spread the word

Once approved, your project will be displayed on our platform for 90 days and the funding can begin. Share your project with friends via email or facebook to maximise your support. We will also try our best to promote your project through clever marketing campaigns

3rd Step


Step 3: Receive Payment

When the funding time has elapsed you will receive the full funds collected at project completion to be used for your described situation.

4th Step


Step 4: Say Thank you

It's in your care to thank all your contributors within 30 days of the payment received. You can do this with a personal letter or email. We will also require proof that your financial support was used justified.

Helpful tips for creating / submitting a project

The title of your project, is what describes your cause. It should clearly identify what you are fundraising for.

The short description of your project, is what our viewers see first. This is a perfect time to captivate an audience.

So be sure to describe your project well, and touch the hearts of our audiences!

Selecting your main image, is a very important part of setting up your project.

Be sure to choose an image that relates well to your short description. Having an image that is not blurry, and high in definition will work in your favour.

Like words, an image also tells a story to our audiences.

The full description of your project is the place where you can tell your story to our audiences.

This is the time to express your needs in detail, and to share with our audiences some information about your child and how the fundraised money will make a positive impact to your lives.

A well planned and thought out full description of your project, will ultimately help our audiences make the right decision to fund money to you and your child.

Creating a successful campaign, means having it approved.

The best way to have this happen, is to provide us with documents of evidence that clearly express to us, your situation and the reasons for you requiring support.

We only ask for two documents, as a mandatory requirement. However the more evidence you can supply the better the likelyhood of your application beeing approved.


Kinder- und Jugendförderungen is an Initiative with the main emphasis for:
  • Alleviate family fortunes.
  • Fulfil child wishes.
  • Provide financial support for much needed therapies and disabled facilities.
  • Give children equal opportunities for their development.
The all for kids Sponsoring Agentur is the Founder and Initiator of the Initiative Kinder- und Jugendförderungen to support chronically ill, mentally or physically disabled children and their families. The agencys role is also to attract and promote the crowdfunding plattform.
Crowdfunding in generall is a modern alternative of financing a project through smaller financial resources on a common plattform. We have implemented this model on a social basis to:
  • Alleviate family fortunes.
  • Fulfil child wishes.
  • Provide financial support for much needed therapies and disabled facilities.
  • Give children equal opportunities for their development.
With an KuJ account you can maximise the social funding experience.
  • You will be able to favorite projects to review them later
  • Have an insight of your past contributions
  • You can update your details and upload a profile photo
  • As a business you can even upload your company profile and logo
Of course alls this functionallity is for free and doesn’t involve any costs.
Displaying your business logo obviously will have an positive impact on your company social reputation as well as your online presence and search engine ranking. Each logo is linked to your company website which will increase your unique visitors traffic. It also gives you the chance to attract potential customers as the plattform is b2b focused.
“Business” contributions via Sponsoring are 100% tax deductible. You will receive a proper invoice to BMF standards that you can declare as an advertising expense (Sponsoring) in your business accounting.
All other Building-blocks (“Small”, “Medium”, “Large”) are not tax deduction capable. In eg: If you are a business and you funded a project with any of these Building-blocks, then your support can not be processed for the BMF. Please always be aware to purchase the appropriate package.
Since the Initiative Kinder- und Jugendförderungen is not an independent Institute and managed by AK Sponsoring-Agentur, all accounting is also processed through the GmbH.
The “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” Building-blocks contributed online will get forwarded 1:1 without ANY deductions to the family in need . Contributions made by the “Business” Building-block are beeing used for the Projects as well but also cover for the administrative costs of running this platform and the initiative.
Our big scope is to keep running costs to a minimum. Unlike other organisations we do not have the imense expences of a public office or company vehicles. Our small team is based individually in home offices and we use public transport to get around. We manage the plattform ourself so no Third-Party business is involved.
Any family with residence in Austria with (a) chronically ill, mental or physicall disabled child(ren) under the age of 18 are welcome to put their application forward. We will review your application, check that all criteria was met and inform you of the outcome.
If you funded online via the “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” Building-block your contribution will add up to the current raised funs immediately after successful payment. Contributions via the “Business” Building-block will be added to the project shortly before completition after deduction the administration costs.
We do not offer anonymous contributions at this stage. However if you fund as a guest, your contribution details will not be passed to anyone else then the supported Family so they can submit the thank you letter.
If you fund as a guest your details will be saved temporary so we can email you the receipt for your contribution. The contribution details will not get passed to anyone else besides the supported family
Once you have deleted your account, your saved data will remain in our database for 1 months. After this period your data will be deleted permanently.
At no stage any costs incur for the supported family. No hidden fees or processing charges. The only obligation after project completion is to thank the supports via Email or Post letter
To back your child's medical and your families financial situation we require supporting evidence. This can be a medical certificate of any kind usually issued by the relevant health authority. Further we need at least one evidence of your families financial status.
Until and including September 2016 the initiative Kinder- und Jugendförderungen paied out a total of € 68.226,30 to Austrian based families and institutions in need.

About Us

    Kinder und Jugendliche mit chronischen Erkrankungen, sowie körperlichen oder geistigen Beeinträchtigung, bedürfen einer ganz besonderen Pflege und Zuwendung. Leider werden die betroffenen Eltern immer öfter vor finanzielle Hürden gestellt und sind nicht in der Lage, ihren Kindern die notwendige Versorgung zu bieten. Der Grund dafür ist, dass die erforderlichen Therapiemaßnahmen oft nur noch zu einem kleinen Teil oder gar nicht von den Krankenkassen bzw. aus öffentlicher Hand finanziert werden. Dadurch vergrößert sich natürlich die Sorge und Angst der betroffenen Mütter und Väter, die auch ohne diese immense Zusatzbelastung unter hohem emotionalem Druck stehen.
    Aus diesem Grund hat es sich die AK Sponsoring-Agentur zur Aufgabe gemacht, mittels der Initiative Kinder- und Jugendförderungen Helfer zu mobilisieren um die betroffenen Familien zu unterstützen. Unser kleines, aber höchst engagiertes Team ist bemüht, den Familien mit Lebensmittelpunkt in Österreich ein wenig Entlastung und kleine Freuden im Alltag zu ermöglichen.
    Unsere Aufgabenbereiche umfassen:

    • Familien finanziell zu entlasten
    • Kinderwünsche zu erfüllen
    • Finanzielle Unterstützung für notwendige medizinische Therapien zur Verfügung zu stellen
    • Beeinträchtigen Kindern eine faire Chance zur weiteren Entwicklung zu geben

    Um diese Ziele zu verwirklichen betreiben wir soziales Crowdfunding mittels Förderungen / Sponsoring und bewerben die laufenden Projekte durch cleveres Online- und Telefonmarketing. Wir laden Sie alle dazu ein, einen Beitrag zu diesem wichtigen Vorhaben mittels Ihrer Förderung zu leisten! Ganz nach dem Motto: Gemeinsam machen wir es möglich!

Our Team

Andrei Kainer

Administration and Project Management

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Wilhelmine Bauer

Sponsoring Representative

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Ingeborg Kubita

Sponsoring Representative

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Karin Raderer

Sponsoring Representative

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